Accommodation in Tarragona is close to 100% occupancy due to the Tots Sants bridge

Joy in the tourist sector of the city of Tarragona after a Tots Sants bridge in which the accommodations have registered an average occupancy of around 90%. The good weather has led to the visit of a large number of tourists, mainly from the rest of Catalonia and Spain, and has also favored many of them choosing the campsite. The three in Tamarit, -the Trillas, the Tamarit Beach and the Caledionia-, have been the only ones that have been open so far, and in fact the Trillas has not closed all year since 2020.

The occupancy figures are one more example of the recovery of tourism during this 2022, and another significant one is added to them: the city's tourist service offices have had a total of 386 visits during the bridge, 10 more than there were in 2019, although it must be taken into account that Tots Sants fell on a Friday that year, so there was one less day of vacation. Of all these, 115 were from Catalan visitors, 156 from visitors from the rest of Spain and also 115 from international tourists. According to the representatives of the sector, it is early to predict, through reservations, what the occupation will be for the December and Christmas bridge, but they are optimistic and think that there will be good levels. Likewise, they show uncertainty in relation to how inflation is affecting and will affect the families' pockets, although some of them consider that other expenses will be cut before those of the vacations.

The president of the Tarragona Ciutat Campsite Association (ACTC), Agustí Peyra, told the Diari that "half of the campsite places have been open and occupancy in these has been 80%", while at the same time positively assessing the figures, which "confirm the recovery trend of the sector". Peyra also said that the client profile has been "family and close."

One of the three complexes that has opened, and that will continue to do so throughout the winter – since 2020 it opens all year round – is Camping Trillas. One of its managers, Roger Trillas, celebrated that «among the mobile homes, which we have occupied for days, weeks and even months, the 250 families who have taken a plot for the whole winter and those who have come just to cross the bridge, we have been practically full. Although he cannot compare it with the same dates of 2019, because that year they closed when the summer ended, Trillas assured that the six months of the summer season "have gone the same or better than before the pandemic, and in the four weekends that we have had the Halloween-themed camping there has also been a very good occupation».

The person in charge of the Tamarit tourist complex points out that the good weather has been key. "The temperatures and the sun have favored high occupancy, and many people went to the beach and the pool to sunbathe," explained Trillas, who added that "they didn't swim there because the water is already cold, but it has bathed many people in the heated pool and spa that we opened a year ago. Looking to the near future, he acknowledges that «in the four weekends of November the activity will drop, and it is still too early to know how the long weekend of the Constitution and Christmas will go, because people still have not booked, although we hope there will be a good job." However, Trillas is concerned about how inflation will affect the economy of families, and although they have not yet passed on the price increase to their clients, they are seriously considering it.

Who experiences the possible effects of the inflationary crisis with less concern is Xavier Jornet, president of the Associació d'Hotels de Tarragona Ciutat (AHTC). “I think that tourism will be a sector that will not be as affected as others by the rising cost of living, and although traveling is not a basic need like food, I think people will cut back on other things sooner,” he commented. Jornet, who nevertheless emphasized "the uncertainty in which we have been living for a long time." All in all, he calculated that the average occupancy in the hotels this bridge has been located at approximately 85%, with peaks of 100% on Saturday.

Finally, Jordi Vilar, president of the Associació d'Apartaments Turístics de la Ciutat de Tarragona (AATCT), assured that the 700 places of the 150 lodgings that the entity has controlled were filled by 95%. Except for 20% of French and English, he said that the rest have been local visitors. Likewise, he affirmed that it is still early to know how it will go in December and Christmas: «People reserve at the last minute».

«Many people have gone to the pool and the beach to sunbathe, although they did not bathe because the water is already cold»

«I think that with inflation people will save on other things but they will not stop traveling and going out»

"We still don't know how it will go in December and at Christmas because people book at the last minute"

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