A man sets fire to a car with the ex-wife and the son inside the Blister

The Mossos d'Esquadra arrested, in the early hours of Sunday in L'Ampolla, a 43-year-old man accused of attempted murder and arson, according to police sources.

He would be the alleged perpetrator of setting fire to a vehicle with his ex-wife and his son – of legal age – inside. These two were not seriously injured.

The events occurred ten minutes before six in the morning. The Mossos and the Local Police of the Ampolla were carrying out a citizen security and breathalyser control on the Paseo del Arenal, at number 2.

The agents observed, from afar, some flames that were far away, at the height of the Mediterranean Discotheque, on the same promenade.

Patrols quickly went to the site and found a vehicle on fire. There were two men outside and still a woman inside.

The mossos took her out of the interior, while they alerted the firemen. A crew from the L'Ametlla de Mar park was in charge of extinguishing the fire.

The victim is the ex-wife of one of the men outside – the other was her son, who was able to get out of the interior on his own. The ex-husband told the agents that he was the one who set the vehicle on fire with a lighter when the woman and her son were inside.

The Catalan Police proceeded to arrest him. Today he could go to court. Apparently, there had first been an argument between the woman and her ex-husband.

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