A fortnight of young people will practice sports in the second edition of Arrela't

Fifteen young people between the ages of 12 and 16 at risk of social exclusion will be able to benefit from Arrela't scholarships, which will allow them to practice sports such as soccer, indoor soccer, climbing or skating. These scholarships, promoted by the Gentis Foundation, with the support of the Amposta City Council and the Terres de l'Ebre Sports Technification Center and Remsa, are being offered for the second consecutive year as a way of working on social inclusion through mentoring and fostering sport practice.

The operation of the scholarship will maintain the format of the last edition. First, social services will evaluate and select the beneficiaries of the scholarship and then, the Terres de l'Ebre Sports Technification Center, through the Councilor for Sports Tourism, will put the young people in contact with sports entities. The Gentis Foundation will train the mentors and Remsa will be in charge of patronage work, contributing financially for sports expenses.

Paula Muiño, promoter of the initiative, points out that "the idea is to reach all people at risk of social exclusion and be able to promote scholarships as something necessary today, which is playing sports, being able to go out, socialize and be part of a team ».

For her part, the Councilor for Promotion and Sports Tourism of the Amposta City Council, Iris Castell, highlights the benefits of the program, which, in addition to inclusion, allow working on healthy values ​​and habits. “Sport is an ally for society due to all the values ​​that being part of a sports community transmits, as well as those that practice brings us at some point in life. We also talk about physical activity as a pillar to make our lives healthier", in this sense, Castell added that "we continue to meet the objectives of the 2030 agenda, such as guaranteeing a healthy lifestyle for all people or reducing inequalities ».

In this new edition, which corresponds to the school year from October 2022 to June 2023, 8 young people who were already part of the previous call will participate in more than 7 new people. For the development of mentoring, 26 sports technicians were also trained.

sports inclusion

The mentoring project aims to promote the inclusion in sport of young people at risk of exclusion, but also to promote female participation. This year, among the 15 participants, 12 are boys and the rest are girls.

"One of the objectives for the next editions is to increase the participation of girls in sport", affirms from the Gentis Foundation; the project coordinator, Rosa Palmer; who, on the other hand, added that “we have verified that the coordinated work is working and that, from here, the work that we can carry out will be much more relevant. In addition, we are serving more boys and girls and that is always a satisfaction».

With a view to the next editions, the project and its impact are being evaluated, in order to obtain more information and thus continue serving more people and in a better way.

One of the objectives for the next editions is to encourage the participation of girls in sport

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