A driver sends a cyclist to the hospital in Montferri and leaves another with bruises

Mossos d'Esquadra have arrested this Saturday in Bonastre a 26-year-old neighbor accused of a crime against traffic safety, another of injuries and a third of failure to provide assistance. The Autonomous Police have done so after clarifying a traffic accident that occurred mid-morning on TV-2041, in the municipality of Montferri.

The arrested man was driving along that road around 10:30 am with a companion. Before reaching kilometer 13, a scattered group of 15 cyclists was found who were circulating in the direction of Masllorenç where they planned to stop for breakfast. The narrowness of the road (without two-lane separation lines) made it difficult to overtake if the cyclists were riding in parallel.

This situation has caused the anger of the occupants of the car, who apparently would have shouted, shouted and even insulted the cyclists. El Diari has been able to speak with them and they have explained that the insults had been directed at part of the group before overtaking them. And that in the second 'stop' caused by the two cyclists (who have subsequently suffered injuries) is when the situation has become more dangerous.

At one point, the car overtook the two cyclists and, once in front of them, expressly braked their vehicle, causing one to end up face down on the rear window of the car, hitting her head and her companion to the ground after a sharp turn. of your bike to avoid colliding with the bodywork. The crash has caused the car to break one of the rear lights.

With the two cyclists on the ground, the driver has accelerated and left the scene. The events have been recorded at kilometer 12.8 of this Alt Camp regional road, Mossos d'Esquadra has reported. Later, when the advance party received the alert from the driver who had caused the accident, they had to move away due to the risk of being run over by the same car.

This group of cyclists from Baix Penedès has called 112 to explain what happened and the Mossos and an SEM ambulance have come to the scene. One of the cyclists has suffered bruises and scratches. The other has lost consciousness and has been transferred to the Joan XXIII hospital, where she has been discharged in the middle of the afternoon, the cyclists involved in this unpleasant incident have reported.

With the information provided by this group, Mossos has learned the model, color, brand and license plate of the car (and the broken pilot that it had due to being hit by one of the bicycles) and this has led them to a Bonastre address (Baix Penedès), where two hours later they spoke with the driver involved in the accident. He has tested positive in the drug test (cocaine and hashish), the same sources of the investigation have added.

With all the elements collected, the driver has been arrested for a crime against traffic safety, another for injuries to the two cyclists and a third for failure to provide assistance.

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