A councilor from El Morell was dismissed for alleged municipal irregularities

The mayor of El Morell, Eloi Calbet (Together for Morell)has ordered this Tuesday, October 25, the dismissal of Alberto Ortega (PSC) in his capacity as councilor of the municipal government, expressing a loss of confidence after having detected allegedly irregular actions in the exercise of his functions in the Citizen Security area, according to evidence in some internal reports of the consistory.

The dismissal of Alberto Moreno does not alter the absolute majority of the municipal government, which now remains in the hands of five councilors from Junts pel Morell and one from ARA. The opposition becomes five councilors: the three from #compartim, the councilor from Ciutadans and now the 'expelled' socialist mayor.

The City Council of El Morell has brought the facts to the attention of the Prosecutor's Office, so that it can act in the way it deems most appropriate and these suspicious actions can be clarified within the scope of its powers in the area of ​​Citizen Security.

The mayor has remarked that he makes the presumption of innocence of the Morellense councilman prevail, but he considers that in the face of this information of which he has been aware "we must act in an exemplary and forceful manner." The content of the suspicions has not been disclosed.

A decision shared and weighed by the entire municipal government team, and of which the rest of the municipal groups represented in the consistory (Ciutadans, #compartim and Junts pel Morell) were notified, also this Tuesday.

With this decision of the mayor, the councilor is separated from the rest of the government team, which has been oblivious to these alleged actions, and both the corporation as a whole

as the body of the Municipal Guard, in which Moreno was the responsible mayor.

Calbet thanks in the statement the work done by the councilor during the time he has held the position and clarifies that with the dismissal of Alberto Ortega he also ceases to be part of the government team and the remuneration that corresponds to him.

The powers in terms of citizen security in the municipality will be under the responsibility of Mayor Calbet himself, who defends the good work that is being done from the Municipal Guard and expresses the certainty that all this will not affect the regular functioning of this body.

The irregularities that the councilman allegedly committed have not been disclosed.

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