Events in Pamplona: He walks down Estafeta street with a knife with a blade of almost 20 centimeters in his hand

Agents of the National Police denounced this past Thursday night a male in his 20s after he was seen walking down Estafeta street in Pamplona with a knife of almost 20 centimeters leaf in hand.

It was the doormen of a local who observed a young man, accompanied by two other people, who was walking along Estafets street at around 2:00 a.m. with a knife in hand and they alerted the 091 telephone number of the National Police.

Agents from the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade traveled to the scene in a vehicle with the priority vehicles activated, at which time the man he threw the knife in a doorway with the intention of hiding it and ran away, along with his two companions.

The policemen picked up the knife, which had an 18-centimeter blade, and intercepted the young man, who showed obvious symptoms of being influenced by alcohol consumption or other substances. He was denounced for carrying prohibited weapons on public roads and the knife was seized by agents of the National Police.


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