“You’re bothering me”: Laura Pausini’s response to what Pablo Motos says

Laura Pausino She is one of those guests that every presenter wants to interview: she is a great artist, she gets involved in many topics, she exudes sympathy, she shows complicity with the team, she has a sense of humor and she also speaks perfect Spanish. She has become, with permission from Will Smith, one of the classics the anthill and this Thursday he also visited the Antena 3 program.

did it to present Laura Pausini: nice to meet youan Amazon Prime documentary in which he reviews his life and his family and considers what would have become of her if she had not won the Sanremo Festival in 1993, which allowed him to pursue music and become a star.

At one point in the program, a fragment of the documentary was seen on the screen in which the Italian was modeling a clay pot, and Pablo Motos released him: “But you know how to do this?” And she acted angry. “Look, Pablo, you are bothering me with this question, because then you don’t know about my past, you haven’t studied about me. I I am a teacher of ceramics and restorationI have studied for five years at the Faenza Artistic Lyceum”, announced Pausini, who also wanted to launch a reflection.

“When someone asks someone ‘do you know how to do that?’, the answer should always be yes. With this documentary I want to show that after 29 years of career I have learned some things from people who are not known and who think that there is only one good thing to do in life. When we are born we are born capable of being many things. As we grow we realize the sector that we like the most, in my case art in general, not just music,” said the Italian singer, who revealed her interest in almost any artistic discipline. “I wanted to learn all of that, that’s why I know how to do many artistic things: paint, sculpture, pottery, makeup, photography and obviously singwhich was the first.”

and also revealed what was his dream when he was not yet professionally dedicated to music. “When I was a teenager I had a lot of plans that he called plan Bs but were actually plan As, because my true dream in life was to be a piano bar singer, but in my region I did not see women dedicating themselves to it, which was an almost unattainable challenge. So I had other things I liked to do.”


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