Three people caught stealing metal parts from a warehouse in Ziordia

The Foral Police has arrested during this week 16 people and investigates another 12 What alleged perpetrators of various crimes. Among these actions, the research of three people after being caught stealing metal parts from an industrial warehouse in Ziordia, and two in Arazuri for theft of material that was located in a junkyard.

As reported by the police force, they are also investigating two people in Pamplona for a crime against collective security (Forest fire), to another for a crime of bodily harmand to a fourth individual for a crime against sexual freedom.

In Estella and Tudela they are investigating other two people by separate offenses of injury and in skinny yet driver for driving without valid license lacking points.


As for the arrests, in Pamplona Three people have been arrested for injuries, sexual abuse and gender violence (who is also charged with another crime against sexual freedom). In addition, one has been arrested fourth person in the Plaza de los Burgos, who is charged with the crimes of threats, injuries and robbery with violence.

In Tudela, four other people have been arrested: two as presumed authors of separate crimes of injuries; and two others as alleged perpetrators of respective crimes of gender-based violence and attempted homicide during a couple’s argument (the latter were detained by agents of the Municipal Police, who put them at the disposal of the Regional Police).

Besides, in Estella a man has been arrested for a crime of ill-treatment carried out on a minor and in Andosilla to another for gender violence.

In Tudela and Pamplona, ​​criminal proceedings have been opened against two men for crimes of robbery with force and robbery with force in housing in attempted degree respectively.

In Pamplona, ​​citizen security agents identified four people in a square near the Pamplona town hall due to the fact that moments before there had been a robbery with violence and intimidation.

One of them, a young man of 22 years, he had an arrest warrant and imprisonment issued by the Criminal Court No. 1 of Pamplona. Also in Figarol, another person was detained by court order to enter prison.

As alleged perpetrators of a drug trafficking crime, a 41-year-old resident of Ablitas and another 46-year-old from Tudela have been arrested. The latter arrested had an international extradition requirement in force.


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