The mess Nez Feijo escapes alive from the leero Pedro Snchez

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Nothing that couldn’t be imagined. In (almost all) the order press Alberto Nunez Feijoo He goes out on his shoulders after fighting in the difficult Moncloa square. “Feijóo portrays the arrogance of Sanchista”, headlines its editorial El Mundo. The idea is that when Pedro goes, Alberto has returned ten times: “Too experienced to fall into traps, after his long meeting in Moncloa the president of the PP intelligently avoided both the overreacted attack and the resignation of his recently inaugurated role as leader of the opposition”.

The editorialist of La Razón also goes around when commenting on the meeting. Often the new messiah of Genoa is enough for a chisgarabís to bend the goal: “Yesterday the new president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, threw away his proverbial phlegm, forged over decades of political practice, so as not to turn the trap that had been prepared for him in La Moncloa into an irremediable collapse of any bridge between the Government and the main opposition party, and one can properly speak of a trap, because the summoned party found the surprise of an agenda prepared by the Secretary of the Executive and communicated to the press when the meeting had already begun. “.

On ABC, Charles Herrera He comes to maintain that Feijóo had enough to leave the appointment whole: “When one goes to visit such an individual in La Moncloa, one knows that only submission is possible. In the imaginary of our Robin Hood, only the header is contemplable, and what is not that is, we already know, playing far-right and being a staunch enemy of the Spain designed from the five-year plans of sanchismo “.

louis windydeputy director of El Debate, strip of metaphor: “Going to see Sánchez at Moncloa is like going to a hall in the legendary Far West to face one of those professional poker players with a magic deck, multi-purpose sleeves and a flowered vest. You get lost for ten minutes and leave there exhausted”. But Alberto Magno was not confused, it would be missing more: “The calm style allowed him to wade through the Moncloa ambushes, which of course were not lacking”.

Let’s go with the unchecks. The first, the Pedro J. Ramirezwhich according to its false editorial (it is a disguised column), the quote was not so bad: “With everything, the first meeting between Sánchez and Feijóo leaves reasons for optimism. It represents the preamble of what must happen. Cordiality in the tone and desire for great agreements. A promising first step was taken yesterday. To heal the wounds in the PP-PSOE dialogue we must abandon, for the good of Spain, the trenches”.

In contrast to all the flattery we have read above, Michael Gimenez The crying woman catches her in Vozpópuli and charges against the soft-spoken president of the PP: “Feijóo has not yet realized – at worst, yes – that the problem has never been the bad companies of the government, but its president, a faithful interpreter of Soros and of everything that leads us inevitably towards a dictatorship disguised as an ideology of rainbows, colors and misery, a lot of misery. I fear that the PP is heading, firm and blind, towards the Costa Da Morte, there where even the most hardened sailor shipwrecks. Hopefully not “.

I have left the most lysergic piece for last. the signature Itxu Diaz in Digital Freedom. Supposedly, he talks about the meeting in Moncloa, but ends with this raving full of machuna dandruff: “Blue is also not the cool color of the New Generations of the 90’s massive parties and shots (they were all gorgeous, but they had a very ugly boyfriend: the party), and now the cute girls that everyone wants to pick up have displaced to the Vox rallies”.


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