The Government of Navarra build a new fire station in Tafalla

The Government of Navarre, through the Minister for the Presidency, Equality, Civil Service and the Interior, Javier Remírez, and the Municipality of Tafallathrough the mayor, Jesús Arrizubieta, Have signed this friday the agreement for the construction of a new fire station in the municipal term of this locality. At the event, was also present the General Director of the Interior, Amparo López.

Under the agreement, the Government of Navarra undertakes to finance, contract and direct the works; pay for the adaptation of the environment of the plot; assume the costs of services (electricity, water, etc.), maintenance and management; and maintain and conserve the land and the building in accordance with regulations.

For its part, the Tafalla City Council agrees to cede the plot where the new Park will be located to the Government of Navarra, as well as to adopt the necessary urban modifications to enable the execution of the works.

In the words of Vice President Remírez, “the agreement signed today is an important step that allows us to advance in the necessary modernization and adaptation of the infrastructure of our Fire Service. Having good, modern, robust and prepared public resources is essential to give the best response at times when citizens need it most and will improve the service to the inhabitants of the Middle Zone”he stressed.

Likewise, Remírez thanked the work carried out by the General Directorate of the Interior, from which this project is promoted, and by the Tafalla City Council in order to reach the agreement. The General Director of the Interior, López, has highlighted that “it comes to meet the need to provide the Middle Zone of Navarra with an infrastructure adapted to current needs, and meets the objective of the Strategic Fire Plan 2020-2023 for the modernization of the Fire Stations of Navarra”.

For his part, the mayor of Tafalla, Jesús Arrizubietathanked “the effort made by the Provincial Executive so that the town has the most modern fire station in all of Navarra”.

Model for future Fire Stations in Navarra

Prior to signing the agreement, Vice President Remírez, the General Director of the Interior and the Mayor of Tafalla proceeded to visit the land where the new facilities will be built. It is a 4,875 m2 plot on Florencio Alfaro street (Abaco industrial estate, next to the sports area), close to the AP-15, which facilitates its accessibility and solvency in response times.

The new park aims to serve as a reference and model for future regional parks in the Autonomous Community. Its design follows functionality criteria that respond to the needs of both current and future staff and technical equipment.

Architecturally, this It will be separated into different zones. On the one hand, in public, private, and entertainment areas; and on the other hand, through a decontamination circuit, between the ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ areas.

The facilities will have, in addition to the park building and practice area, a garage with 10 bays, a maneuvering tower and a helicopter landing surface.

As for its start-up, it is expected that the tender and award of the project can be carried out during the second half of this year, with the forecast that the construction of the park will begin in 2023 and end in 2024. The budget estimates an investment of 4,500,000 euros.

Tafalla Firefighters carried out 8% of the 2021 interventions

This will replace the current Tafalla park, dating from 1965 and it is outdated, to accommodate and respond to both the staff and the necessary equipment. It will therefore be, in terms of date, design and facilitiesthe newest park in Navarra. The last to be inaugurated in the Foral Community were the Cordovilla park in 2009 and the Trinitarios park in 2010.

Currently, the Navarra Fire Service has 12 parks distributed throughout the foral territory, which, throughout 2021, carried out a total of 11,562 interventions. The Tafalla Fire Station assumed 8% of them, that is, a total of 952 interventions.

Of these, more than 50% were rescue actions, a total of 501. In terms of fire extinction, they intervened in 165 operations (109 vegetation fires and 56 urban or industrial fires). On 130 occasions they carried out maneuvers in the park; and up to 103, technical assistance. Attending to the last five years, the Tafalla Park Firefighters carry out an average of 867 actions per year.


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