Rafa rises as the winner of the latest edition of ‘Secret Story’

After almost three months of coexistence, the first edition of anonymous ‘Secret Story’ came to an end this Thursday.

Adrian, Martha and Rafa they arrived at the last installment as lthe three finalists of reality and faced the last test, discover the name of the winner.

The audience, through their votes on the Telecinco website, was in charge of deciding the name of the contestant who would become the winner of the edition.

Rafa Martínez has been the lucky one finally, has taken the 150,000 euros prize thanks to the support of the spectators.


As soon as you know the decision of the audience, Rafa has shared with Carlos Sobera the first impressions about his victory.

I’m very happy. I feel very good, I can’t tell you anything else“, he told the presenter.

The contestant won with a large majority compared to Marthathe second classifiedwhile Adrián, the first eliminated finalist, took the defeat with resignation.

“I think I have not lost, because getting here is something to value, many people have tried and failed. Also, it would be contempt for all the people who have bet on me and have brought me here,” he commented.

The night has passed without surprisesRafa managed to reach the final and before the gala began he was already the favorite to win the prize.

Thanks to all the people who have seen us, who have taken care of us and who have laughed with us“, He said Rafe when discovering that some 7 million people had participated in the votes of the program.


Arriving on set, Marta and Adrián met Nissywith which they had already starred in some controversies within the house. The tension did not wait and both ended up arguing with their ex-partner, a situation that made Adrian let go a few words that would confirm one of the theories most supported by the followers of the program.

In a heated discussion between several contestants, the finalist ended by assuring that “you they put the expulsion on Sunday (to Nissy), who has kicked you out of the program“, in reference to the expulsion of the from Morocco.

A statement that many believe confirms the theory that Nissy’s controversial expulsion It was not due to the votes of the public, as the team of the program affirmed at the time, but that the participant was expelled from the programsomething that many of the viewers of the program have always defended.


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