Paco Carcavilla from Tudela faces the challenge of climbing three three-thousanders to make the problem of suicide visible

Climb three mountains over 3,000 meters high: Monte Perdido (3,355 meters), Taillón (3,144 meters) and Aneto (3,404 meters). The numbers have not been chosen at random: during the last three decades, more than 3,000 people have committed suicide each year in Spain. “These are exorbitant figures that must be lowered. Those who have not been closely affected by suicide are unaware of them. We want them to be made visible so that politicians agree and implement a national suicide prevention plan,” he explains. Paco Carcavilla, from Tudela, promoter of the challenge 3 x 3000: one life, live itand whose son Mario committed suicide in the summer of 2020, when he was 19 years old.

The first of the three thousand that will ascend Paco, along with his brother Carlos and three friends (Sheila Merino, Juan Pablo Izquierdo and Pablo Sangüesa), will be Monte Perdido, in Huesca. The appointment will be on Holy Thursday. “The plan is to leave Cascante around 5:30 or 6 a.m. on Thursday and start walking around 9:30-10 a.m. We have about 5 hours to the shelter, where we will sleep. On Friday we will summit and we will go down to the shelter to sleep. On Saturday we will finish descending and return home “, he summarizes.

Paco, who lives halfway between Noáin and Cascante, where his wife Beatriz Ruiz is from, admits that “I have never climbed so high” –the top of Monte Perdido is at 3,355 meters–, but he assures that the challenge that has been “It will also serve as therapy: I’m from Ribera and we see Moncayo every day when we open the window. With my son I went up once and every time I go up there now I connect more with himI feel it closer. Some time ago, on one of the walks, I saw a stone that caught my attention and we made an engraving of it. With my gang we went up to deposit it at the top. I have also gone up at Christmas to put on a nativity scene. It’s a special place for me.”


Paco lists the main objectives of the challenge mountaineer 3 x 3000: one life, live it: “make visible the high suicide figures in Spain. We have spent three decades above 3,000 annual suicides and the figures continue to rise. We have to do something to get them down. That is why we want to demand that a national suicide prevention plan be drawn up and ask that the Emotional education become a subject in schools, even a core subject, because it is the way that young people learn to manage emotions”.

To “draw attention” to all this, Paco assures that “instead of being at home protesting, I think that if i do something extraordinaryit will be easier for more people to know what is happening with suicides” and comments that it takes several months preparing and, “Even as a result of setting myself the challenge, I have quit smoking. With the right motivation, anything is achievable. Everything is in the head“, he asserts.

In the sporting challenge, which he hopes to complete during the summer months with the ascents to Pico Taillón and Aneto, Paco has the selfless collaboration of various private businesses that will finance the logistics expenses. The remainder will also serve to finance the activity of besarkadaan association of people affected by the suicide of a loved one, which “helped us a lot”, concludes Paco.


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