Manuela Carmena confesses her sex life in ‘Unexpected Encounters’

Manuela Carmena was one of the guests on the last installment of the program that Mamen Mendizabal presents in La Sexta, ‘unexpected encounters’.

The last episode brought together the aforementioned Carmena with Judit Mascó, Samantha Hudson and Juanma Lopez Iturriaga to discuss poly love, new family models and sexual relationships.

Manuela Carmenaat 78 years old, has always been characterized by not being afraid of anything and speaking naturally about topics still considered taboos, such as sex waves love relationships that do not comply with the established rules.


Mamen Mendizabal, presenter of the television space, she usually throws the most direct questions to her guests about the topic that is being discussed. This time she has not been less and she has wanted to question the former politician on a subject that nobody talks about.

Is there sex in old age?Mendizabal asked.

In order not to be too explicit when answering, Carmena preferred to use a euphemism to clarify the question: “Of course. I always use Rita Levi-Montalchini as an example. She is a researcher, a Nobel laureate, who dies at the age of 103. Until she dies, she continues to investigate and says that the brain improves with age“said the judge.

In addition, he also wanted to take advantage of the moment to make a claim for sex during old age: ” Women have much better sexual capacity with age than men. They have it more difficult, because of the muscle thing. With this, I want there to be optimism. In old age what you have built remains. So I think it is very important that everyone designs in their own way“, he explained.


Seeing that her guest had no qualms about answering indiscreet questions, the presenter threw another question which has been rumored for a long time.

Mamen took advantage of some previous statements by the former politician and asked her if it was true that had an open relationship.

Carmena explained the matter naturally, although also with some caution.

“I can’t tell you that because I think that if my answer were affirmative, it would be misunderstood. What I do tell you is that throughout life I I have lived an intense life. My partner and I have had the need to have other types of attitudes, which were not traditional, with other people. He is human. I think what happens is that a lot of people don’t say it, or they pose ridiculous rigidity structures”, he detailed, before what the host of the program wanted to know if the basis of this type of relationship was sincerity Between the parts.

Not just honesty, but a non-restrictive approach. That is, to understand that at a certain moment a person can kiss another and that is not why she is going to have to get a divorce, “Carmen defended, while the rest of the guests argued thatin your opinion, Jealousy makes it hard to have those kinds of relationships.something for which the judge also had an answer.

“The first thing is that jealousy must be considered as a negative element. They are related to that, that a person has to always be loving you, at all times, only you. This it’s something that doesn’t make much sense“He sentenced, making it clear how she sees the world of love relationships.


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