Jada Pinkett turns her back on Will Smith after the altercation of the scars

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Ten days have passed since the already famous slap of Will Smith a Chris Rock at the Oscars gala.

It was the first time that an episode like this had happened in an award ceremony of that category, and therefore the incident has caused quite a stir yskeep grabbing headlines despite the time that has passed since it happened.

In addition, the fact that practically the entire planet, including celebrities, wants to share their point of view on the event only continues to fuel interest, which has risen even more after knowing the name of thethe last person who spoke about itthe woman for whom everything happened, Jada Pinkett.


Jada Pinkett had stayed on the sidelines since the altercation between her husband and the comedian and presenter of the Oscars gala, Chris Rock.

The actress he had limited himself to sharing that “it is time to heal”referring to his decision to move away from the media spotlight, however, now, u A source close to Smith’s wife has decided to speak up and explain how Jada felt. to her husband’s reaction.

It was hot and overreacted. He knows it, she knows it. They agree that he had an overreaction“, the aforementioned source commented to the North American magazine, ‘U.S. Weekly’where he also clarifies that the protagonist of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ did not want Will to be involved in such an episode.

She’s not one of those women who needs protection. He didn’t have to do what he did, because she doesn’t need to be protected.“, explains the same source, “she is a strong, stubborn woman and can fight her own battles,” he says.

The declarations that this source has offered to the aforementioned medium have caused a great revolution in Hollywood and in the world, since many have interpreted that Jada Pinkett would be positioning herself against her husband by assuring that he exaggerated what happened, although the informant assures that this is not the case: ” She will be by your side“, Says the source, who says that the couple’s only goal at the moment is to protect their family.

Everything is for his family and his children. They have done their best to build this life. AND They are very involved in their lives and do everything possible to protect those they love most.“, he points out.

The marriage has two children, Jaden and Willow.and in addition, the protagonist of ‘The Williams Method’ has another one, Trey, born from his previous marriage with Sheree Zampino.


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