Culture signs a collaboration agreement with Ayegui for the Irache Monastery

The General Directorate of Culture-Príncipe de Viana Institution and the Municipality of Ayegui / Aiegi have signed a collaboration agreement for the management of cultural and religious events that are celebrated in the Church of the Monastery of Irache, located in the town and property of the Foral Administration.

Prior to this agreement, from 2012 to 2017, another agreement was also signed by both institutions for collaboration in the same matter, at a time when the demand for the building and its surroundings for cultural events and private religious ceremonies experienced an intense boom.

As the end of this agreement coincided with the beginning of the archaeological excavation and restoration works of the Irache church, it was not renewed.

The current one will be valid for one year. and will be renewed automatically for periods of equal duration. Its maximum term will be four years.

recovered activity

Right now, the programming of acts in the Irache Monastery is gradually recovered, after the aforementioned restoration works of the church and the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Currently, events are included in the programs of the Directorate General for Culture, especially “With feet in the clouds” and Estella’s Early Music Week.

Requests are also received for religious celebrations and for cultural activities promoted by the Ayegui City Council or by other entities.

The General Directorate of Culture continues with the building maintenance and public visitation which is currently being carried out and which will continue under the same access conditions as up to now.

The City Council assumes, with the signing of this agreement, the management of the religious cult dependent on the local parish and the cultural events promoted by the consistory or by other entities that are programmed within the framework of the monastery church. In this way, the consistory takes charge of services of interest to the citizens of Ayegui and the environment of the monastic building, which contributes to the maintenance and dissemination of this historic enclave.

Thus, the City Council will take care of the people and entities that request the use of the monastery, will be responsible for the correct development of the acts and will carry out the ordinary maintenance tasks that the different celebrations entail.

This use must be made compatible with the maintenance works of the building, the events and programs of the Foral Administration itself and the uses authorized by it, such as the sporadic film shootings that take place on the premises.


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