Concerts in San Fermn – Diario de Noticias de Navarra

A unless they bounce the ball a meter from the door, what is called an opportunity that cannot be missed, I will always be against the Pamplona City Council work specifically to attract big concerts –of those that in this city we can count no more than 10 in all history– precisely in San Fermin. If it is that the concert is intended to cover an existing cultural gap in the city and if the concert is intended to be a gift for the taxpayers who pay and step on this bland city very often, 365 days a year. If what is intended is to sound abroad and that half of the city is not in it –remember that thousands and thousands and thousands of people from Pamplona leave Pamplona in San Fermín– and that the other half is what is usually it is –to hangovers, to dinners, to the bulls, when leaving the peñas, to the party, to the gastric reflux of each one– because it is to make a bread with some hosts, because San Fermín doesn’t need big concerts. In the same way that the San Sebastian Film Festival does not lack the Stones and the Jazz Festival does not need a Coppola retrospective. Each celebration has its magic by itself. Of course, music and partying are issues that mix and should be mixed and it’s fine for the city council to schedule concerts, but as long as they are concerts that don’t involve an insane outlay that would make much more of a role on another date of the year. I don’t know, if due to the dates of a band – let’s put the aforementioned Stones – you have no choice but to foist the concert on July 8, well what are you going to do, but if you can put it on May 18 a thousand times better. We don’t have too many first-rate cultural events, so look for a great concert for Sanfermines, having the whole year for it it seems more to want to put a medal what other thing.


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