Zelensky’s miracle: savvy opinion-makers applaud the mention of Gernika

I’m not going to cheat on you. It has been a pleasant surprise to see this morning that several skilled columnists have overcome the dandruff of (at least) contempt for the bombing of Gernika. And, as in the last few hours we have had to read or listen to villainy such as “Neither those who bombed were so bad, nor were those bombed so good” (María Jamardo on Telecinco)I am happy to share with you some unchecking that we will attribute to the intercession of the author of the comparison himself, Volodymyr Zelensky.

I start the relationship with Ignatius Camachowho cuts his throat in his ABC column: “There is a certain brazen right wing because Zelenski cited Guernica as a referential comparison between Spain and Ukraine. In terms of massacres, unfortunately, we have too many episodes to compose a complete catalog of our passion for internal extermination. Better not to get great. When a finger points the moon you have to look at the moon, not at the finger. This absurd debate shows that Spanish politics is going through a bad time”.

With somewhat less momentum, also on ABC, Juan Carlos Girauta he disfigures the crooked nose of his ideological compadres: “Others have provoked an inopportune debate. I’ll start with these, which can be straightened out just by leaving the subject of Guernica once and for all. It was a Nazi bombing of the civilian population and, through Picasso, it is a world symbol. Where is the problem if President Zelensky uses that example?”.

The editorialist of El Mundo adds to the “it’s not that, it’s not that”: “This is not the time to prosecute Zelensky for referring to an episode in the history of Spain, immortalized by Picasso as a universal symbol of suffering in every war. It was not the first time that the Ukrainian president used a historical reference in speeches which he has been pronouncing in different parliaments since the Russian invasion began. In none of them had he unleashed Cainist controversies”.

Now comes the most surprising drop in the opinion of this humble collector of quotation marks. As they said in the old comics, I’m damned if I expected that Arcadi Sword applaud the election of Gernika as a term of comparison with the massacres perpetrated by the Russians in the Ukraine. But here it is, and with a note to Federico Jimenez Losantosas you will see: “There is no discussion of President Zelenski’s wisdom in choosing Guernica as a Spanish analogy for Ukrainian suffering and the proof is that only Vox discussed it. As did Fjl, who left it written and instructed here yesterday, Abascal would have preferred Zelenski to use the Paracuellos analogy”.

As a counterpoint to these commendable departures from the lane, Jorge Fernandez Diaz returns us in La Razón to the orthodox doctrine: “The truth is that, if we try to sensitize ourselves, [Zelenski] I could have avoided referring to one side of the Civil War, and chosen a tragedy that would unite us instead of divide us, because in our war there are no shortage of sad examples on the other side: from the bombing of Cabra to the crimes of Paracuellos or the religious persecution for example”.

Out of this matter, I bring you to close two regüeldos with the smell of chorizo. The first is signed in El Español by the obsessed hater of Basque Rafael del Moral: “Thousands of languages ​​have died without ceremony. Others are going out without fanning the fire. Others are in the ICU, very well cared for, to avoid any relapse. The best hospitals for sick languages ​​are in Spain. sank in four days.

And this ripiada slime has given birth Alfonso Ussia in the discussion: “You have to be bisexual, / Or gay, modern queer, / Like a little transverse, / Because going normal / You’re going to have hell”. One more.


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