They reduce a sentence to a historic Navarrese swindler

The historical scammer Pedro Urrutia Urrutiaat 78 years old, born in doneztebe and who now lives in Sant Cugat, has seen that Justice smiles at him. Urrutia, who received his first sentence in 1968 and has spent more than 20 years in prison for six convictions for different frauds, was a fugitive and fled to Costa Rica after embezzling 18 million from the Gipuzkoan company Indaux, from Getaria. In 2009 he was finally extradited after the intervention of a police sewer cleaner like Villarejo.

Now Urrutia had been sentenced by the Provincial Court of Navarra to 32 months in prison for a new scam in the purchase of a ship in Mutilva and a warehouse. Once the sentence was appealed, the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) le has now reduced the sentence by six monthsfor which he finally leaves him in two years and two months in jail.

Removes the aggravating circumstance of multiple recidivism because when he committed the acts in Navarra, in 2016, he only had a pending sentence from the Barcelona Court. In the sentence imposed on him, he also benefits from the mitigation of undue delay, due to the delay in judging the procedure.

In both operations, he requested money in advance from the families who wanted to sell their properties with the promise that the defendant would redeem cash from Panama and Costa Rica to bring it to Spain and cover the cost. In total, he said that he was going to pay 1.5 million for the warehouse and 400,000 euros for the ship.

What actually happened was that the winemakers advanced him 45,000 euros to carry out the pertinent steps to bring the money and the TSJN sentenced both him and his partner on this occasion, Miguel Ibáñez Martínez, to compensate the winemakers with 22,000 euros. vineyard owners. Urrutia declares himself insolvent while his alleged partner, who according to the scammed was his driver, had already paid 15,000 euros before the oral hearing and the mitigating remedy of damage repair was applied.

In the trial, both partners and defendants stated that their intentions to purchase the plots and facilities were real, that it was not a scam but that the person who was really interested in the acquisition died and there was no way for the purchase to bear fruit. business. The TSJN, as the Court did, frames these arguments in a mere defense strategy and considers that there was enough deception for the victims to fall into the trap. It is not in vain that Urrutia is a qualified shell man with a most complete file.

Commissioner Villarejo, leader of the State sewers, even boasted of having tipped off the Police in 2009 from the place where Urrutia was a refugee in Costa Rica, whose life in the San Carlos region, in the north of the country, did not passed precisely as discreet. He dedicated himself to the gas station business and to living like a king.

The bishop of the diocese of Alajuela, Ángel San Casimiro from Logroño, interceded with him to “complete the residence procedures, gave him confidence to extend a general power of attorney and, as if the Spaniard needed money, lent him $165,000.” , reported the newspaper El País in 2008. At that time he was about to be extradited on a medical plane to Spain due to a heart operation.

In the trial held in Navarra in the spring of 2021, so many years later, he alleged that the implantation of a pacemaker also left him deaf. “Something touched me here… Either he yells at me or I don’t understand,” he challenged the president of the Second Section of the Court at the beginning of the interrogation, in a trial in which he faced 7.5 years in prison. . The magistrate, shouting into the microphone, blurted out: “Do you have a medical certificate that proves your deafness?” He lacked it. And also headphones. But to make everything more fluid, Urrutia was seated next to his lawyer, with a loudspeaker near him, and sound was no longer a problem.

Regarding the fraud for which he was being tried in Navarra, committed in 2016, Urrutia yesterday denied any intervention and disregarded the matter. Contrary to the swindled, a marriage owner of a winery in the Sangüesa region, who agreed to sell the 27,000 square meters for 1.5 million, and the owner of a Mutilva warehouse, valued at half a million.

The contact of both came through a real estate mediator and, according to the complainants, he observed the facilities and asked for a period of two months to formalize the purchase, which did not prosper and it is not known to this day if he wanted it to prosper.

In both cases, he alleged to the selling parties that a contract had to be drawn up so that Urrutia could send someone he trusted to Costa Rica to release the money he had there. That commission, of €45,000 in the case of the winery (it was made in two installments and with two different contracts), and €9,000 in the other, appeared in the name of the other defendant, Miguel Ibáñez, who is being asked for 3.5 years prison, who was the one who charged to travel to Costa Rica for financing.

This defendant, who acted as Urrutia’s driver, tried to minimize any conception of the plot by the Navarrese. “I was a commission agent,” said Ibáñez, “of an important company in Panama with an investor in Barcelona (Alberto Cerdans), who died. But I did not tell the sellers who was going to buy the business. It happened that they put me in prison and this investor dies, but I did not know that this business was not a reality”.

The denouncing winemakers were then returned 8,000 euros from another man interposed, according to them, by Urrutia. This was again exonerated from responsibility by the other defendant, who reported that he returned that money, when he left on a permit, with a borrowed amount.


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