The succulent amount that the ‘MasterChef’ jury charges for each program

As a public entity that it is, Spanish Television You are required to make all of your expenses public. And that is why she has reeled off in her Transparency Portal with the costs of one of its flagship programs, masterchef, and therefore with what both contestants and members of the jury charge.

As confirmed by Bluper, the last broadcast edition of the culinary program, the ninth (the tenth is about to begin), featured a budget of 5.3 million euros, which means 402,000 euros for each of the thirteen deliveries that each season is made up of.

Although the largest amount of money goes to the technical team (2.2 million), ahead of the artistic staff (623,000), it is striking the amount that the three members of the jury pocket, who in turn act as presenters (after the departure of Eva González): Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera. Between the three they received €390,000 for the latest edition (7.5% of the budget), 130,000 each, corresponding to 10,000 euros for each program. And taking into account the number of editions that have been accumulated between the MasterChef of anonymous people, that of celebrities and that of children, what they will have received in total from the public entity will be quite substantial.

As for the contestantsLogically, the cache of the famous is very different from that of the anonymous. The latter take 1,200 euros per program (39,000 euros in the last edition), while the celebrities They charge 3,000 euros per delivery.


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