The Emeritus Bishop of Solsona, father of twins

The life of Xavier Novell, bishop emeritus of Solsona (Lleida)already accumulates a lot of trending topics despite the fact that in principle the daily life of a priest should be more or less calm and discreet. who was in his day the youngest bishop of Catalonia and of Spain, position to which he agreed in 2010 with only 41 years, has been offering headlines for some time.

Novell announced in August 2021 his resignation to the pastoral government of the diocese of Solsona for “strictly personal” reasons, as stated at the time. Later, it transpired that he resigned out of love, since the young bishop had a romantic relationship with a woman, which caused a great stir and surprise in his diocese and in Catalan society. And even more so when it became known that the woman was a erotic and satanic novel writerseparated and mother of two children: Silvia Caballol.

The pro-independence bishop did not take long to contract civil marriage with Caballol. She did it on November 21, two weeks after starting work at the swine genetics company Semen Cardona, but at the end of October it was already rumored that he was going to be the father of twins.

And now it has been confirmed: the couple had twins (they weighed 2.6 and 2.7 kilos), who were born on Wednesday with the names of Coaner and Miriam. They have chosen Coaner in honor of the Virgin of Coaner of Sant Mateu de Bages, a municipality near Súria (Barcelona), the town where the parents were married in court. Novell has decided to take paternity leave.

If the twins were born at nine months gestation, which is not confirmed, the pregnancy would have occurred around the month of July, when Novell had not yet tendered his resignation.


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