Tamara Gorro reveals that she suffered sexual abuse as a child and attempted suicide

Tamara Beanie lives facing social networks, where it is a influencer of success, with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. And although in that network he has been honest, especially recently, telling about his separation from former soccer player Ezequiel Garay, with whom he has had his two children or revealing his mental health problems, he had not told everything.

What he needed to tell has been recounted in his new book When the heart cries that she presented this Wednesday before numerous celebrities who supported her and that already says a lot with her title. The influencerwho assures that it has been “the most difficult project” of his life, has revealed in his pages an episode that she lived in a summer camp when she was a child barely twelve years old: the abuse she suffered from a man.

He was the father of the owner of the place where the camp took place, and offered to walk the dog with him. “I, excited, said yes, I loved his dog,” she explains in the book. “We started walking through the field, among many trees. I don’t remember if we talked or not, or what or anything. I only have the image of what happened afterwards.”

And what happened was “a terrible episode that I thought was forgotten,” he says. “She walked over to me, took my cheeks in her hands, began to press my face and then brought it closer to her mouth. I didn’t blink, I saw her eyes close and her mouth open. opened, I felt his tongue enter my mouth. One of her hands began to go down my body, passing my chest and reaching my parts, and there she squeezed hard. I felt that my body was very tense, I could not move, I remained immobile. He was pushing towards me, as if with the intention of laying me on the ground, I pushed against him and hit him with my knee, I think in his gut “.

And so he managed to escape from the aggressor, return to other children and ask for help. She ended up in the Civil Guard barracks and with her mother picking her up to take her back home. An experience that has marked him more than he thought and that causes certain difficulties even today. “I’m embarrassed to be seen naked, if I can avoid light during sex, the better”explained in the presentation.

What Tania Llasera reveals

In addition, in that act it was also revealed, although she did not, that tried to take his own life. It was the presenter of the event, Tania Llasera, who is also a friend of hers, who told it. “Mental health is the most important thing there is and, when you break inside, when the heart cries, there are horrible moments that you have lived. What have you thought about taking your life?he told her, prompting Tamara Gorro to burst into tears.


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