Seleta and Nakor return to the ‘Conquis’ as captains

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‘The Conqueror of the End of the World’ is a giving machine surprises. In Wednesday’s debate about the ETB-2 reality show, we found out that two historical figures from the program, Seleta and Nakorrejoin the adventure as captains in order to redirect a situation that has become limit in some of the teams, riddled by the gnats Y deranged for the harshness of day to day The Haitians.

After going to “the conquest” Once as a contestant and twice as captain, the last time in the Corocote team, Seleta returns to the Caribbean for the fourth time in a row, again with the rank of leader. will it be his turn? At the moment we know nothing more. “In the corral that we have set up in the Caribbean, we need a real rooster like Seleta“explained yesterday Patxi Alonsodiscussion leader. The restless neighbor Berriatua He assured that he will seek to calm down and that he travels to the Dominican Republic “with more nerve and more desire” than ever. That he is able to calm things down knowing his volcanic personality is something that some of the participants in the debate questioned, such as David Dry: “This one gives us a lot more work, that they take you to the team where things are worse”.

Assured caste, desire to see a great who will compete and give a cane, and hope that the years will make him a more tempered captain were some of the comments received by Seleta, who does not know if he will have to share a team with other captains like Arantxa, Andrea, Binbi, Nahia, Lobo and Begocurrent leaders of Yocahu, Atabey and Corocote.

In addition, Nakor, the winner of the seventh edition of “El Conquis”, who has also been on the reality show testing the games and as a debater in the debates, will attend this 18th edition as captain, a position in which he debuts. A new challenge with which the good image that he offered is at stake.

Nakor, from Zarautz, handles the waves well, and is expected to be “gasoline for the people who are having such a bad time,” said Patxi Alonso. “My calm will come in handy”added the Gipuzkoan.

Good head, good vibes, physically a wonder, a very intelligent guy who will know how to read the teams, a good competitor… This is how the debaters defined him, but doubts remain about how he will be used in the captaincy. “He is a very linear, calm guy, but with little character, we will have to see if he is able to get him out,” he concluded. Eneko Van Horenbeke.


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