Pilar Sanjurjo dies, the first woman of time

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The Galician meteorologist Pilar Sanjurjo He passed away this Wednesday as reported by TVE, the chain to which he belonged and where he acquired great popularity in the 70s and 80s by becoming the first woman to present weather information in the history of Spanish television.

Sanjurjo belonged to the generation of the first presenters of the time on public television, such as Mariano Medina and Eugenio Martin Rubiowhich “helped viewers better understand atmospheric phenomena”, TVE highlighted.

Precisely, the Galician came to the public entity from the hand of Martín Rubio, whom he replaced during a vacation. She became the first woman to present weather forecasting on RTVE. Later, Sanjurjo joined the extinct National Institute of Meteorology (INM), reconverted since 2008 into the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

At the state agency, she held the position of shift chief of the INM National Prediction Center until her retirement in the early 2000s.

An expert in maritime forecasting, among her merits is also that of being one of the first women to participate in an expedition to Antarcticain which he studied the effects of the hole in the ozone layer.


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