Nursery schools in Navarra will begin an indefinite strike from May 2

at least the half of the 103 nursery schools of the Foral Community they will vote the next Monday the proposal of the Platform 0-3 of Navarra to call a indefinite strike from May 2. Their decision is firm since they consider that the strike is the “only instrument” to move towards “decent” nursery schools, and they feel supported.

“We’re stronger than ever, that we have managed to unite despite the difficulties. The workers present at the assembly held on Wednesday in Barañáin, many of them representing the teams from the different schools, gave us their support for the decision to go on strike,” says Eider Garde, a nursery school worker and member of the Platform who warns that it is only proposed to suspend the call “if the foral government constitutes a work table and negotiation around the cycle 0-3 years“.

The discontent among the workers of the 0-3 cycle has gone in crescendo in recent weeks and, at the demonstration held at the end of March in Pamplona, ​​representatives of half of the 103 nursery schools in the Comunidad Foral were present, serving some 4,300 boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old and in which they work more than one thousand people. Faced with the “lack of dialogue” from the Department of Education, the Platform has held several mobilizations with the aim of making its main demands visible: the reduction of the ratios or, failing that, doubling the current staff of the 0-3 year cycle, the improvement of the working conditions of female workers and the rejection of the creation of 2-year classrooms in public Infant and Primary schools.

This last issue, which would mean fragmenting the cycle, has generated enormous anger among the workers in the sector. And it is that last February 27 the Minister of Education, Carlos Gimeno, in a speech in the plenary session of Parliament opened the door to the creation of 2-year-old classrooms in public Infant and Primary schools, an option that also allows the new royal decree. His words made it clear that the possibility is on the table.

“An infrastructure plan is being studied with the Infant and Primary schools and with the local Administrations (we are already receiving requests), to create either nursery schools or 0-3 classrooms in Infant and Primary schools,” Gimeno assured in response to a question from Izquierda-Ezkerra about the distribution of the 1,173 new seats from 0-3 that are going to be financed with European funds.

At the beginning of this week, the counselor also referred to the controversy and remarked that “by repeating and repeating a question does not mean that it is true, and because certain information is not denied, it is not true either, the department has not said nothing about it, the 0-3 cycle is not going to be divided. A question on which he has insisted this afternoon, taking advantage of a question from his partner Jorge Aguirre.

Faced with these statements, the Platform wants to make it clear that “we have not taken the issue of 2-year classrooms and the fragmentation of the cycle out of our hats. He said it as a counselor in the Foral Parliament in the plenary session on January 27 in response to a IE question.” “The one who is lying is the counselor Gimeno”, Garde has pointed out, who considers that the Foral Government “is ignoring us”.

“We believe that Education is proposing a perverse management model for the majority of nursery schools in Navarra, which does not make it easier for us to move towards decent nursery schools,” said Garde, who values ​​”very positively” the participation in the pre-strike assembly held in Barañáin .

“We are stronger than ever, that we have managed to unite despite the difficulties. The workers present at the assemblies gave their support to the decision to go on strike, as the only instrument to advance towards decent nursery schools”, he remarked.

More mobilizations in April

Thus, the Platform has requested this morning the requests to carry out the voting in the schools next Monday with the forecast of starting the strike on May 2. “Next week we will know the answer and we will see if we have enough support.

On the 23rd we will convene another assembly and we will continue with mobilizations throughout the month of April”, has indicated this representative of the Platform, who has made it clear that “we only consider suspending the convocation if a negotiation table of the cycle 0- 3”.


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