More European funding for bike lanes in Pamplona: now, the UPNA and El Sadar

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The Pamplona City Council has presented this Thursday the new bike lane that is going to be enabled in the city. CHECK THE DOCUMENT HERE

It will be 1.7 kilometers long and will run along Calle Tajonar, from the roundabout with Avenida de Cataluña to El Sario, which will continue along Calle sadar street and the avenue of Catalonia until the roundabout with Pablo Antoñana and Fernando Remacha streets.

The project is included in the budget modification that will be debated in the Full of this afternoon.

Since the financing comes from the European Union, the possibility of rejecting the government team’s proposal has never been on the table of the opposition groups.

The only thing that claimed the progressive majority was to know the projects before the plenary session and Navarra Suma has complied.

Yesterday, Wednesday, during the celebration of the Mobility Boardthe municipal groups were informed of the aforementioned projects and today, Thursday, the delegated councilors of Strategic Projects Fermín Alonso and Citizen Security, Javier Labaru, have offered a press conference to detail their content.

The proposal, with an amount of 2.8 millionhas financing from European Next Generation EU funds.

The aid will be distributed in 2,329,090.24 euros for vertical mobility in Trinitarians1,319,727.27 euros for itineraries that complete the cycling network, 924,303.53 euros for park and ride914,726.23 euros for the management systems of a Low Emissions Zone535,537.19 euros for safe pedestrian crossings and 307,041.32 euros for safe school environments.

The new bike lane will surround the UPNA campus and will run through the streets Tajonar, Sadar and Avenida de Cataluna. Until El Sario it will run along the right bank of the direction towards the center of the city. It will have a dimension of 3 meters wide plus the protection band.

Bike lane in the Milagrosa

The Pamplona City Council will also undertake the second phase of the work to improve the mobility on Julián Gayarre street in the neighborhood of miraculous. Last year the first phase was carried out, between the intersections with the Blas de la Serna and Guelbenzu streets.

In this 2022 the action will be completed until the connection with Zaragoza Avenue. There will be 410 more meters of conditioned cycling route, in addition to improvements in pedestrian mobility, in the conditions of Regional Urban Transport and in calming traffic.

Along the way, the current separators will be removedwhich do not comply with the regulations, and other rubber ones will be placed, as well as bollards.

The bike lane, which will be completely paved, will meet the dimensions 2.50 meters wide with a protection band of 0.50 meters.

In the last section, near the connection with Zaragoza Avenue, the parking area on the right bank, which is currently on battery, will be brought online.

Air quality meters

Likewise, the actions necessary to manage a future low-emission zone in Pamplona will be financed. It’s about the installation of sensors and measuring devices of air quality parameters and traffic capacity in various areas of the city in order to subsequently analyze and propose the scope and application criteria in that future low-emission zone.

This solution will be implemented in Pamplona in compliance with the legal obligation that the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law establishes for all Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, and with the criteria derived from the analysis.


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