Maya fails to get the opposition to withdraw one of her 3 disapprovals

The Mayor of Pamplona Enrique Maya is going to continue maintaining the three disapprovals that he has had in the legislature after an initiative of Navarre Sum for the opposition to revoke one of them – the one linked to a survey in nursery schools– after a ruling by the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) gave him the reason in an appeal.

The obstacles imposed on the groups of the opposition When it came to knowing the details of the survey, they provoked the disapproval of the mayor after a proposal from the PSN, which obtained the support of EH Bildu and Geroa Bai.

With the recent resolution of TSJNNavarra Suma has tried to get the opposition to withdraw the disapproval of the mayor and the Councilor for Education, Citizen Participation and Youth, Fernando Sesma, without success.

On behalf of the Government team, Sesma has intervened, who has expressed his satisfaction with the ruling of the TSJN that upholds Navarra Suma’s appeal and revokes the TAN’s resolution by denying “the denial of access to information” and that it has produced a violation of the rights of the opposition councillors.

The Councilor for Education He has defended the changes introduced based on that survey and that he could not deliver the questionnaire because he did not have it. “They created a story of falsehoods to distort the sociolinguistic study in nursery schools” said the delegate councilor.

It has not been of much use that he asked for the disapproval to be withdrawn, because the spokesmen for Bildu, PSN and Geroa Bai have told him no.

The first to intervene was the socialist spokesperson Maite Esporrinwho has assured that he is reaffirming that the government team continues to make it difficult to deliver the information requested by the opposition groups.

“They have more than deserved it, there are plenty of reasons to fail them because they denied us a fundamental part of the survey and we have the right to have the information at any time during the processing of the file,” said the mayor of the PSN.

Patxi Leuza (Geroa Bai) has accused the councilor of Navarra Suma of diverting attention and of ignoring the fact that he never gave the required data or requested it after the opposition asked for it. “I would have been ashamed to bring an initiative like the one you have presented. You hid information from us” said the mayor of Geroa Bai referring to Sesma.

On behalf of EH Bildu, he has taken the floor Maider Beloki, for whom what happened is a sample of Navarra Suma’s way of governing since the beginning of the legislature. “There are councilors who are more serious than others when it comes to giving information and you – through Mayor Sesma – are among the worst”.

The abertzale mayor also believes that the councilor had the survey questions, but did not want to deliver them as required.

An extensive list of failures

Mayor Maya has been disapproved three times so far in the legislature. In addition to the aforementioned, he was criticized for the repeated lack of information from the opposition groups and for his statements about the menas.

In addition to the aforementioned Sesma, another 4 delegated councilors have been disapproved in this legislature. Fermin AlonsoCouncilor for Mobility and Strategic Projects, has been disapproved on two occasions (due to traffic problems on Amaya Street and due to the suspension of the reform of Paseo de Sarasate); Javier Labairú, mayor of Citizen Security, for the episode of the crane; Maria Garcia-Barberena, Councilor for Culture, for the chess tournament; and Mary Knightfor the equestrian contest in the Citadel.


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