‘It’s already eight o’clock’ apologizes for Mara Jamardo’s comments about the bombing of Gernika

‘It’s already eight o’clock’the Mediaset program presented from Monday to Friday by Sonsoles Onegawanted to apologize to his audience this Wednesday after the controversial statements of one of his collaborators, Maria Jamardoabout the bombing of Guernica.


The intervention of Volodymyr Zelensky in the Congress of Deputies last Tuesday generated great expectation and media interest, especially l to reference that the president made during his speech to one of the most famous episodes of the Civil War, the bombing of Guernicawhich killed 126 civilians, a scenario that you compared with what is currently happening in your country.

The media did not take long to echo, and that same afternoon the program ‘ It’s already eight o’clock’ addressed the issue with the presence of several collaborating journalistsamong which was Maria Jamardo.

All those present gave their point of view on the matter, but they were Jamardo’s words which raised blisters and a great indignation that has led the program to apologize publicly just a day later.

“Neither the bomber was good nor the bombed ones were that good either. Or neither the one that bombed was bad nor the bombed were so good“, was the phrase that the collaborator pronounced last Tuesday, thus justifying a bombardment of the civilian populationsomething that made the networks will explode and will be filled with criticism towards herboth from the general public and well-known faces from the world of television.

The comment was branded as advocating Nazism and it was also highly criticized the fact that none of those present on the set made a single reply to the journalist from ‘El Debate’, which is why many of the spectators of the program they asked to boycott the format.


After the commotion generated, the host of the Telecinco program, made a parenthesis in the delivery of this Wednesdaybefore entering fully into the news of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, to apologize on behalf of the whole team of the program.

“Yesterday, on this show, a collaborator expressed a personal opinion about the bombing of Gernika following the words of the Ukrainian President Zelensky. And I want to say something from here: This is an open space, where all criteria have a place.yes Sometimes it happens, and it happened yesterday, that these criteria have been offensive to the convictions of our viewers and even unfair to history“, explained Sonsoles Ónega, who stressed that “it’s okay to apologize and we do it to those who have felt insulted, among whom this team can be found”, and assured on behalf of the television space that “s and misused freedom of expressionwhich Telecinco always guarantees, and I reiterate on behalf of this companywhich is my house, that this way of interpreting the most painful history of Spain does not coincide at all with our way of thinking and, of course, not with mine,” the television host made it clear.


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