Health distinguishes Navarra for its covid vaccination campaign

The managing director of the Navarra Institute of Public and Occupational Health (ISPLN), Marian Nuin, received this morning, from the hands of the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, the Simple Cross of the Civil Order of Health as coordinator of the comprehensive management group for vaccination against COVID-19 in Navarra, “for his intense and commendable work”.

On the occasion of the celebration this Thursday, April 7, of the World Health Day, The Government has delivered the distinctions granted to organizations, entities and individuals for their work in the health field that, in this edition, especially recognizes the joint effort in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and that has placed Spain as an international benchmark.

As of April 3, Navarra had administered more than 1,400,000 doses of vaccines: 571,802 people, 87% of the total population of Navarra, have received some dose; 559,003 people (85%) have the complete agenda; and 346,409 (53%) also have a booster dose.

Among the vaccinable population of Navarra, over 5 years of age, 91% have received some dose, 89% have completed vaccination and 55% have also received a booster dose.


From the Department of Health the great work and effort of the professionals who have participated in the vaccination campaign is recognized, from the first link to the last, and that have made it possible for Navarra to have coverage above the state average. As well as the recognition of the citizens of Navarra for the majority response they have given to vaccination.

Likewise, the work carried out by the Institute of Public and Labor Health of Navarra is appreciated; Health Assistance Directorate of the Navarro Health Service-Osasunbidea; Primary Care Management of the Pamplona Area, and the managements of Tudela and Estella-Lizarra; Information Systems Subdirectorate; Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the SNS-O; public and private hospitals in Navarra; Health cabinet; General Directorate of Telecommunications and Digitization; Provincial Police; to the rest of the departments of the Government of Navarra; and to all the people and institutions or entities that have collaborated and, on occasions, have given premises for vaccination (UPNA, Seminary, religious entities, Schools); municipal and local entities of Navarra, including its own federation, and various volunteer groups, NGOs and various associations that have worked to facilitate accessibility for people to vaccination points.


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