Five seriously injured after a frontal crash in Alfaro

Until five people have been seriously injured behind the head-on collision of two vehicles on the LR-288, kilometer point five, at the height of Alfaro. Three of the injured have been transferred to the Calahorra Hospital and another 2 to Tudelaas reported by SOS Rioja and the Government Delegation in La Rioja.

In the event, which It happened around 1:17 p.m.Emergency Resources of the Government of La Rioja have intervened, health resources and Firefighters of Tudela and Civil Guard, as well as various fire departments from the CEIS Rioja de Arnedo and Calahorra.

Specifically, the firemen they have had to carry out release tasks to extract from the interior of the vehicle 4 of the victims who were traveling in one of the cars.

According to the newspaper La Rioja, a single occupant was traveling in one of the passenger carswho has been transferred to the Tudela hospital. From the other vehicle, with four passengers, three have been evacuated -one slightly injured and the co-pilot- by a SERIS ambulance to the Calahorra hospital. A third occupant has been transferred to Tudela by a Fire ambulance from the Navarran town. The driver, who has been the last to be rescued, has been transferred to the Calagurritano hospital.

112 Sos Navarra updated the information adding that one of those transferred to Tudela was later sent to the University Hospital of Navarra, in Pamplona.


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