Find out where the fixed speed cameras of the DGT are

at the gates of Holy Week many are already preparing their road trips. Traffic waits to be done more than 14.5 million trips throughout the Spanish State. In order for users to reach their destination and avoid accidents, they will monitor speeding. We show the map where the 1,877 fixed radars of the DGT are locatedin the Spanish territory.

This lists the approved locations for the placement of radars, so in some cases the cinemometer may not be installed.

Number of radars in the Spanish State, year 2022. Coyote

Law of Circulation

According to the current law, the error range that consider fixed radars is 5km/h in case the speed limit is less than 100 kilometers per hour. Instead, if the speed limit exceeds 100km/h the margin of error is 5 percent.

In other words, the offense occurs when the driver is driving his vehicle, for example, at 95 km/h or more when the legal limit for driving on that road is 90 km/h. On the other hand, if the limit is 120 km/h, the 5% margin of error is applied, therefore the radar is activated when the system detects a vehicle at 126 km/h or more.

Fixed speed cameras in Navarra

One of the seven fixed radars that the DGT has in Navarre In 2020, it was among the 25 that fined the most in the State. This is the device located in the Leitzaran highway (A-15), at kilometer 127, which in 2020 filed a total of 15,731 complaints. During the year 2020, the DGT radars made 2,460,056 complaints for speeding in the whole of the State. This represents a decrease of 17.46% over those made in the same period of the previous year (2,944,111), according to a study carried out by AEA (Associated European Motorists).

Regarding the radars that made the most complaints in 2020, AEA points out in its report that the most active radar in Spain is located at km. 246 of the A-7, in Malaga, with a record of 48,771 complaints. The one located on the A-15, in Lekunberri, ranks 23rd in the classification. By autonomous communities, the new AEA report indicates that the radars located in La Rioja (29,107), Navarra (41,751) and Cantabria (44,138) are the ones that recorded the fewest complaints.


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