Does the ‘millennial’ generation pay proper attention to their eyesight?

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seven out of ten millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996), 73.1% do not worry too much about their visual healthso much so that 35.82% have almost never gone to review it, according to the report Do millennials know how to take care of their visual health?, 2022, presented by the public utility association Vision and Life. In fact, only for 16.92% visual health is a concern that they think about on a daily basis.

These data are even more alarming when looking at the generation zetathat of those born between 1995 and 2010, since they confirm that 44.21% have rarely undergone a check-up, although 22% say they think about it every day.

On the other hand, 57.22% of the millennials and 52.3% of zeta He states that he either never considered the state of his vision or reflected on it only in passing.

This new report aims to analyze how this generation, which represents almost 20% of the European population, values ​​and cares for visual health. Specifically, some 102 million individuals in Europe and 9 in Spain that make up an adult generation that begins to have offspring and is approaching middle age, in which aspects as relevant as presbyopia begin to manifest themselves.

“There is a wide ignorance of visual health care in this generation, given that, as was already the case with zetathe fact of see bad it seems that it lost value for them”, explains the president of Vision and Life, Salvador Alsina.

However, 90% of the millennials is aware that his visual health is worse than that of previous generations because “more and more friends wear glasses” and, in many cases, they associate it with the intensive use of screens.

A young man uses a tablet. pixabay

Despite the latent lack of reviews66% of the millennials (61.8% of the zeta) need to use eyeglasses in your day to day. 35.5% (34.4% of the zeta) wear contact lenses and 23.5% (28.1% of zeta) blue filter glasses.

In addition, according to the report, “we may be facing the most aware generation regarding visual health care against ultraviolet radiation, given that 82.5% of them wear sunglasses”, details Elisenda Ibáñez, optician- optometrist and coordinator of Vision and Life. This figure is far from the 59.4% of zeta who uses Sunglasseswhich indicates that there is still a long way to go in terms of awareness.

Thus, almost four out of ten (36%) use only one of these products, one out of four (25%) combines the use of two of these products and one out of three (28%) uses three of them.

It is essential to generate greater knowledge and demolish myths such as the optician diagnosing diseases (thought by 15% of millennials), that optician and optometrist are not the same profession (believed by 29.5%), as well as oculist and ophthalmologist (72.1%). Likewise, 12.9% do not know that the use of screens affects visual health or 11% do not know that myopia prevents seeing distant objects well.


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