David Broncano reveals that he has been stabbed twice

David Broncano has made a surprising confession on the podcast Modern life, which he presents alongside Quequé and Ignatius Farray. They were talking about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars, when he claimed that he had bought “a kind of anti-stab vest. I had it in my wish basket, and when the Oscars happened I said: you have to buy it, because I act a lot live, in places…” That yes, later he reduced that vest to “a fat shirt, which It does not protect if the stab is done on a bad idea. I don’t encourage people to stab me in the street, huh,” she joked.

And before the questions of his companions, he reported that he he had suffered two stabbings, “once in a robbery and again in something else”. He wanted to downplay that “other thing”, assuring that it was “something loose, between friends”, but the other occasion did have its seriousness.

The presenter of The resistance reported that thirteen years ago someone tried to rob him when he was with his girlfriend at the time. “To avoid the robbery in the struggle, I resisted too much and he stabbed me with a knife”he explained, generating a cut that left him two scars.

Some marks that your dermatologist saw a few days ago. “He told me to check my stab scars because sometimes the skin is renewed and movements can be generated. Let’s see if that bastard didn’t kill me with a stab and he’s going to kill me with cancer 20 years later. The stab here works on a delayed basis,” joked Broncano, who ruled out that the robbery was to be known, since at that time it was still anonymous.


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