Daniel Martínez is the most photogenic in Zamudio

The beginning in Gasteiz had the solemn, liturgical air of the great moments. the visit of Christian Prudhommedirector of the Tour de France, to the heart of Itzulia underlined the crush, the idyll, between the big boucle and Euskal Herria, both twinned for the great yellow party of 2023. Then, on July 1, the Tour will stand up in Bilbao, touch Gasteiz, caress Donostia, embrace Amorebieta and spread through countless nooks and crannies of Euskadi. The arteries of cycling will pump enthusiasm. A summer to remember. Prudhomme, who recognizes himself as an amateur rather than a director of the biggest race on the planet, enjoyed the passage that linked the capital of Euskadi, which laid bare the Tour’s Basque route, with Zamudio, where years ago he opted for modernity and the future through the Technological Park. The high technology of the photo finish solved the very tight ending.

Daniel Martinez wore the best pose in Zamudio. alaphilippeSecond, he was left with the grimace. The same feeling that he experienced in Amurrio. The Colombian was stretched more than the World Champion, again with the bitterness of defeat embittering the candy at the end. A tubular strangled his joy, which the Colombian kept. A day cool for himl. The sprint, to the limit, gave him a resounding victory. Explosive, Daniel Martínez was not daunted. He likes gunpowder. “Until my legs explode,” he said. She burst out with joy at Alaphilippe. Roglic they were also measured, but their turbo lacked some power. Pello Bilbao paired with the Slovenian. The Itzulia is a matter of centimeters and clicks of seconds. Also of faith.

The future, that idea that centuries ago was a line on the horizon that demanded courage, courage and passion because it was a journey into the unknown, invokes cyclists, guys who look ahead, who pursue the future. The leaks represent that desire to tinker in uncertainty, like asphalt dowsers who sniff the wind to find the promised land. Fourteen embarked on that adventure, which was launched towards the coast of Bizkaia. types like Mikel Iturria, Óscar Rodríguez, Geraint Thomas, Ruben Guerreiro, Armirail, Grmay, Lafay or Cristian Rodríguez they belonged to the expedition, which cast off shortly after Prudhomme had been received with honors as head of state.


Rodriguez and Iturria, who shared a past with Euskadi Murias, the team that held the torch of Basque cycling when the flame of Euskaltel-Euskadi died out, awaited a day of glory like those of the Vuelta a España. The happy days. Rodríguez won his Oscar with a memorable performance in La Camperona. Ecstasy. Iturria savored the glory in Urdax on a strange day, with the peloton dangling their fallow legs. Iturria tilled the land and reaped the best triumph of it. The urnietarra, one of the banners of Euskaltel-Euskadi, wanted to wave at the team’s home, where the final was located.

The fugitives, a UN meeting, understood each other with the mimicry of the effort. Roglic’s Jumbo was installed in the control tower in a itchy layout, always ready to pinch the legs and warm the lungs. The Slovenian was not altered excessively after the spin of the previous day. Roglic is hard to crack. He is resistant to grimaces and histrionics. He said he was tired the day before. He will never know if he played poker. With Vingegaard sharing a sidecar, oblivious to the hustle and bustle, they settled in the chaise longue on the coastal rope. They rehearsed the plans for the Tour from the helicopter. San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, so pictorial, famous and photogenic, a beauty Stendahlian, recreated the views. Prudhomme was able to verify his physiognomy in a 360º shot. Dress rehearsal for the Tour. First take.


Tsgabu Grmay decided to leave the company of the rest of the escapees. Marathoner. Ethiopian. Better alone. Before Urruztimendi, Ineos and Bahrain de Pello Bilbao began the procession. Each thumbtack on the road put the platoon on guard, provoked a state of anxiety. The Jumbo shepherded the climb. Vingegaard ordered some and others. Evenepoel and Alaphilippe, united. Yachts, with the jersey open, asking for air. Roglic, dumb. He doesn’t need to open his mouth. Thomas, Guerrero, Armirail and Lafay they peeled off Grmay, wrinkled on the way up, a suffocating tie. On the sides, the excess hair of the pines, on the ground, established the type of climb. The quartet had almost two minutes at the hinge of the port. The rent grew fat. Óscar Rodríguez remained in limbo, in no man’s land. In the indefinite Iturria, Formolo and Vansevenant connected again with the tune where the victory stomped presumptuous.

The Nursery presented its new face, unknown, a slope without trace or previous trace. A discovery. Lafay was not long in showing himself on the run. Iturria could not resist. She shrugged. higuita, from behind, returned to sorrow. The Colombian, penitent since he started Itzulia, did not have a day cool. Roglic, who in Aiara was covered with the enamel of conformism, removed the rust from above. Daniel Martinez raised. Roglic denied him. To Brambilla, swaying, he granted permission, but she went out like a candle without oxygen. Lafay crowned ahead of Thomas, Guerreiro and Armirail. Among the best, Evenepoel flailed with such a rough style. Then Alaphilippe reached for a gutter. The Frenchman is like water, he always finds an alternative path. Martinez tapped him on the shoulder. Vingegaard, Roglic’s octopus, reacted. The leader did not blink. He forced the rest to move to stitch up the small wound on the plateau.


The descent towards Larrabetzu, where he was born Jesus Lorono, one of the greatest in the history of Basque cycling, stoked the fire. Bonfire of the vanities. Alaphilippe, a restless powder keg, sulked. Also Evenepoel. Roglic followed in his wake. He ordered to stop. He bridled the group of favourites. Lafay continued with his particular fight, alone. He was not willing to wait for anyone. He was in a hurry. The quartet that was chasing him was lifeless, pocketed by the group of senators and his collaborators. Lafay was fighting against UAE, which had five relievers to catapult Diego Ulisi. The chase compressed. An ending shot by Hitchcock. There were 1,000 meters left and Lafay was left without perspective. Executed. Daniel Martinez showed his claws on a chin-up finish at the Technological Park. The Colombian defeated Alaphilippe by a tubular. Photo finish. Daniel Martínez is the most photogenic.


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