Cycle 0-3 will be free next year in Navarra for family incomes below 20,000 euros

The Minister of Education of the Government of Navarra, Carlos Gimenoannounced this Thursday that the cycle 0-3 years the next academic year will be free for family income below 20,000 euros.

In response to a question from the PSN in the plenary session of Parliament, Gimeno stressed that next academic year “some rent sections will be free” and the rate will be “of course attenuated” for all per capita income below 26,650 euros.

On the other hand, he has stated that his department “in no case think of splitting the cycle” and has developed a new “cohesive and integrated” 0-6 curriculum.

Among other measures, Gimeno has highlighted that “extraordinary financing” has arrived at local entities for the reinforcement of personnel, the modules have been updated “which has not been done since 2012” and the financing has been increased based on the state agreement of centers child education for educational and cleaning staff.

Likewise, he has highlighted the “financing effort” of the Provincial Government that will assume “85% of 24%” of the cost that local entities must assume in nursery schools, which “qualifies and trains them to improve the working conditions of educators and school principals”.

In the same way, he has indicated that a plan is being finalized to increase places in nursery schools and create new centers, and has explained that “spaces will be accommodated” in rural schools to host the 0-3 cycle. He has also indicated that a study of ratios will be carried out.

For his part, the socialist parliamentarian Jorge Aguirre He recalled that the legislature agreement contemplates advancing in the free cycle 0-3 “starting with the most vulnerable families”. And he has assessed that the reductions in rates “are aimed at low-income families” so that “more families will benefit.”

Aguirre has underlined that the cycle “has more challenges ahead” and has assured that “beyond the noise”, the regional government “continues to advance in the dignity of this cycle” with measures such as lowering rates or “increasing the payment from the module to the municipalities”.


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