Antonio Resines, on his admission to ‘El Objective’: “They said he had a 97% chance of dying”

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Anthony Resines He continues with his recovery after overcoming the Covid infection that kept him for more than 30 days in the ICU of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.

The actor, who is already quite restoredensures that there will be no sequel derived from the coronavirus and went to the last installment from the Ana Pastor program, ‘The objective’to talk about his time at the hospital, the importance of public health, and the hallucinations he suffered during his admission.


Resines was one of the protagonists of this week in ‘The objective’where he chatted with the presenter about and recounted the strange hallucinations he had during the time he was admitted.

This is not the first time that the interpreter has spoken about his hallucinations, he already did so this week in the interview he gave to Informativos Telecinco with Pedro Piqueras.

Now, the actor, who was discharged two months ago, has had a fun but sincere conversation with Ana Pastor, in which there has also been time for harsh confessions.

Anthony Resines recounted with great humor the strange hallucinations he suffered during his hospital stay: ” I was ecstatic. I’ve had lunch and dinner with Al Pacino“, although he also confessed that among his fellow adventurers in that ‘parallel world’ met Hitler, Mussolini or Merkel and with the mayor of MadridJosé Luis Martínez-Almeida: ” When I woke up I asked if Almeida had been in the ICU. In my hallucinations we were allies”, and even he dreamed that he was buried in the Puerta de Alcalá.


Apart from the funniest anecdotes, the Cantabrian also recounted the darkest moments of his admission.

I asked to be shot. I couldn’t take it anymore in the situation I was in. I told the doctors that he signed in front of a notary that it was not his fault. I wanted to get out of there and go to a place where I expected my parents to be,” said the actor, explaining that what he felt ” It wasn’t pain, it was something else“.
On the other hand, he also revealed that when he spoke to the doctors, once he had recovered, they confessed to him the high probability that he had had to die.

“Talk to the head of intensivists at the ICUand when i woke up he told me i had a 95% to 97% chance of dying“, he assured.

Even so, Antonio is clear about what was and the hardest moment for him: ” The tracheostomy scared the shit out of me€ I remembered that It was one of the last resources they did to my mother in the ICU and it didn’t work.“, he explained.


Ever since I got out of the hospital, Resines has not missed the opportunityin each of the interviews carried out, to defend doctors, nurses and personnel in general belonging to public healthin addition to raising awareness about the importance of investing in it.

Nor on this occasion did he want to end his speech without thank the work of the health workers, especially the work of the assistants and nurses.


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