Unai Laso: “I sign to reach another final even if I lose it”

Unai Laso never lower your head. It’s been less than a week since she lost her second final of the year, at the couplesagainst his nemesis Altuna III and the forward of baiko you already have in mind Manomanist and the final to be held on May 29 at the Navarra Arena.

An appointment that he cannot miss and that would mean his third consecutive final. “I’m recovering little by little. These days serve me to rest and disconnect, but on Saturday it’s time to hit the subject again. I have to change the chip to give heads-up”, she pointed out in the presentation of the Navarra Ball Day.

Laso will return to Labrit accompanied by the Navarrese defender Jon Mariezkurrena to face the couple in a friendly match Artola-Albisu. “The hands, from all the beatings of the Couples, are a little resentful. We will go little by little training and play a good game. With Jon it will be easier, he is at his best”, he has confessed.

In the Couples final, he ran into a wall called Altuna again, which, together with the Navarrese Martija, stole the dream of his first txapela. “I haven’t thought much about the final, it’s already happened. At the time I did think about it a lot, but I’ve received a lot of encouragement from everyone and that helps. Now focus on the heads-up, a beautiful championship also and to see if we can give the level”. That support always comes first from those closest to us and Bizkarreta Guerendiain knows how to recognize the efforts of their own. “That you are always received in your town as a champion, even if it has not been, is very nice.”

It seemed that the final would have a happy ending with the 11-17 in favor of the striker from Baiko and Imaz, but the match began to go uphill, with Altuna III and Martija culminating the comeback (22-20). According to Laso and without detracting from his rivals, the final was decided more due to his and Imaz’s demerit than to the achievements of the Aspe couple.

“The mistakes that Ander and I made marked the match. In a final you have to make few mistakes and we made quite a few, although we scored twenty goals. Between the two of us I think we missed fifteen balls. For the others it’s half a game without doing practically much. They played well, especially in defense, which were incredible. Martija took me all the way back, but for another final we have to think about making fewer mistakes. We didn’t play a bad game, it escaped us but we made the cut”, explained Laso, adding that the txapela “was there” and that “these are key days when you have to win”. “Being in all the finals, I would sign to reach another one, even if I lose.”

The next possibility points to Pamplona and the Navarra Arena. The Manomanista final will abandon Bilbaowhere the four and a half and the couples, heading for the Navarran capital, where another duel of a rivalry that is called to mark an era can be repeated; Laso-Altuna III. “Altuna is an artist, the best. The experience goes a long way and he is always in shape, he is always well, he never has injuries, which is very difficult. He is a professional”, the Aspe striker highlighted.

A final that Laso would play at home and, as usual, with the stands in his favor. “It would be very good, also here in Pamplona. Since all the friends have to go to Bilbao, let them stay here”, he joked, not without first highlighting the difficulty of the feat. “It’s going to be very complicated, they’re all at their best and there’s going to be a high level, I’m also going into the round of 16 and that game is key, it’s the one you have to win yes or yes”, he stressed. Laso does not lose sight of his goal and hopes to see himself next May 29, between songs, smiling with his first txapela.


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