The University of Navarra, among the top one hundred universities in the world in six subjects

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The university of Navarra is among the hundred best universities in the world in the subjects of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Nursing, Communication and Media Studies, Accounting and Finance, and Business Management and Administration, according to data published this Wednesday by the QS World Ranking by Subject 2022.

In a statement, the University of Navarra has indicated that “thanks to its reputation among academics and employers, and to the amount and impact of its research”, the academic center is number 23 in the world and second in Spain in Management and administration of companies. In Accounting and Finance, the University ranks 52nd in the world and first in Spain.

The center is also first in Spain in the areas of Theology and Religion Studies (51-100 in the world), Nursing (51-100 in the world) and Communication and Media Studies (51-100 in the world), in all three cases tied for first place with another Spanish university. In addition, in Philosophy, the Navarran university is second in Spain, with a world position in the 51-100 range.

The University of Navarra is also among the first Spanish universities in Medicine (5th), Architecture (6th), Economics and Econometrics (5th), Law (5th), Pharmacy (6th), Biology (7th), Psychology (7th), in all except the first two, tied with other universities.

Thus, of the 51 subareas that have the ranking by QS areas, the University of Navarra manages to classify in 15 of them. These subareas are in turn grouped into five major areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social and Business Sciences. In these large areas, the University of Navarra is the first in Spain in the area of ​​Social and Business Sciences, and the 59th in the world.

“It is a great joy that this ranking highlights the hard work of professionals and students at the University, as this allows us to reach more people. The results of the ranking show a consolidated level in the areas in which we teach and research. In some cases are among the best in the world and this is recognized by academics and employers,” said the Vice-Rector for Students, Professor Rosalía Baena.

As a whole, according to Baena, “the capacity of the University is reflected in the different academic areas, and constitutes a stimulus to continue working for the training of our students”.

In the 2022 edition of the QS World Ranking by Subject, the British consultancy that produces it has classified 1,543 institutions from 88 countries.

To do this, they have analyzed its reputation among academics and employers through surveys (more than 200,000), as well as the size and impact of its research through the analysis of more than 14.7 million articles and 96 million citations.


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