The Nafarroaren Eguna returns to Baigorri on April 30 under the motto ‘Let’s get up again’

The Nafarroaren Eguna will be held again in its 42nd edition next Saturday, April 30, in the town of Baigorri under the motto Zuti gitezen berri (Let us rise again)a phrase that has been chosen in order to reflect the resumption of this celebration after a two-year break that has been caused by the covid-19 pandemic and the measures that the health situation has entailed.

“Due to numerous experiences, experiences and teachings of these two cloudy ones, also this year the day of Navarra will give us hope to see the future“, he claimed Maider Luromember of the local cultural association Basaizea and one of the organizers of this meeting, this Wednesday during a press conference.

Navarre, he assured, has lived these last two years with obstacles, since it has suffered the closure of the border between one side and the other of the Pyrenees and has been a zone of tension between the Spanish and French States. This, he continued, has made cross-border cooperation and social relations difficult, as reflected during “the dark times of strict confinement.” In addition to this, Luro affirmed that the demanding measures brought about a cultural “obscuration”, turning off Basque and popular culture and making the hegemonic culture predominate.

For this reason April 30 “will be a day to unite and embrace Navarrese from both sides of the border again.” There will be cultural acts, dantzaris, bertsos, txarangas and good food throughout the day, starting at 9:00 a.m., on a date that the organization has had to change from the initial plan, due to the fact that the elections are held on April 24 French presidential.


for the first time, the Basaizea association has organized buses to Baigorri from different points throughout the Basque Country to bring the public as close as possible, including two collection points that will be available in Pamplona and Tafalla. Tickets to access the vehicles are now available for people over 18 years of age and can be obtained on the website

Nafarroaren Eguna was born in 1978, at a time when there was a physical relationship between the two Navarres. The objective of the festival at that time was to strengthen the brotherhood between the two parts of Navarra and work in favor of Basque, as the organizers recalled in the last edition, “building above problems”.

The organization stated that “at that time we had a physical border between the two Navarrans and the obstacles to speaking Basque were also greater. Today the physical border has disappeared but our objectives remain the same. We must continue working in favor of Euskera and brotherhoodand we also have to continue to overcome obstacles that go beyond the administrative border that we have”.


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