DIARIO DE NOTICIAS consolidates its digital leadership in 2022 with a record number of users

The web version of NEWS, consolidates in 2022 its digital leadership of Navarra in 2021 and also does it with record of users. According to the latest measurement of Comscorethis header reached in February 1,973,172 unique visitorsoutdoing in almost 300,000 (9.5% more) to its main competitor. Those almost two million readers of DIARIO DE NOTICIAS represent 96% growth compared to February 2021 (1,008,684 unique visitors then), practically double.

The digital hegemony of in the Foral Community it also extends to the pageviews, 17 million in February 2022, always according to Comscore. Is about an advantage of more than 20% over its main competitorsurpassing it by three million, also ratifying the leadership of this header in terms of content consumption at the end of last year.

The accumulated figure for January and February of the current year places with 675,000 unique visitors more than its main competitor, according to data from Comscore. Thus, the digital version of DIARIO DE NOTICIAS has attracted in 2022 22.5% more users than its main competitor, with almost 3.7 million compared to barely 3. As far as page views are concerned, the distance in favor of this header is 19%, specifically 7 million (37 for 30 its main competitor in the sum of January and February 2022).

As already noted, the web version of DIARIO DE NOTICIAS endorses at the start of 2022 the digital leadership of 2021exercise in which this header accumulated 15,456,000 unique visitors accredited by Comscore, with an advantage of 1,373,000 over its main competitor, 9.75% more.


Comscore’s report for this month of February confirms the primacy of women among the readers of the DIARIO DE NOTICIAS digital platform. This pre-eminence is repeated in each of the age brackets, with greater notoriety in the target groups of 35 to 44 years and 45 to 54.

*Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Total Audience, from December 2020 to February 2022. Spain.


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